Saturday, June 2, 2018

Micheal Jones seeks WL City Councillor seat!

The Williams Lake Tribune is reporting that local realtor Micheal Jones will seek a seat on Williams Lake City Council in the October 20th, 2018 local election - click here

Mr. Jones does not reveal his election platform except to say:

“I experienced so much from my time overseas in economic development and watched that country drastically change itself over the 15 years I was there & “I was fascinated with that and wanted to bring the experience I had over there to Williams Lake to see if we can work in a unique and different way that will foster the community and help us to become greater and bigger.”

In addition to Jones, current Williams Lake Mayor Walt Cobb and Williams Lake City Councillor Craig Smith will both be seeking re-election while current School District #27 Zone 5 Trustee Dr Sheila Boehm will also seek a seat on Williams Lake City Council.

Williams Lake City Councillors Laurie Walters and Sue Zacharias will not seek re-election while Williams Lake City Councillors Ivan Bonnell, Scott Nelson and Jason Ryll have yet to say publicly what their intentions are, in relation to the October 20th, 2018 City of Williams Lake local election


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