Friday, October 25, 2013

Area D to host two community meetings

Cariboo RD Area D Director Deb Bischoff will be hosting two community meetings to discuss Area D issues after getting Regional Board approval at this morning meeting to transfer $1,000 from the Area D Special Projects Funds to the Area D Director Initiative Fund and use up to $1,000 from the Area D Director Initiative Fund

The request passed by a 11-4 vote with Area A Director (and Cariboo RD Board Vice-Chair) Ted Armstrong, Area F Director Joan Sorley, Area E Director Byron Kemp and City of WL Director (and Mayor) Kerry Cook opposed

The Regional Board first considered the proposal for up to $1,000 to host two community meetings in Area D by Director Bischoff at its' Sept 13th meeting however the request was turned down

At today's meeting, Area D Director Deb Bischoff repeated her need to discuss what Cariboo RD Functions her taxpayers support now and whether or not they wish to continue supporting these Functions.  Some examples would include Central Cariboo Arts/Culture, Central Cariboo Victim Services and Central Cariboo Cemetery

In opposing the request from Director Bischoff -- Directors Cook/Sorley argued saying that these meetings would, in their view, just "rally the troops" given Director Bischoff's public statement of withdrawing from the local Joint Committee in addition to withdrawing from the local Arts/Culture, Victim Services, and Cemetery Functions

However, Director Bischoff had her supporters in 100 Mile House Director Mitch Campsall, Area I Director Jim Glassford and Area L Director Bruce Rattray who said that the request was reasonable and in-line with the policy governing the use of the Area D Director Initiative Fund

Stay tuned for those two community meeting dates…

-- SBF

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