Thursday, October 24, 2013

WL News - Oct 24th edition

1) SD #27 Board reverts high school names back to Columneetza and Williams Lake.  Read more here.  This item also is getting lots of discussion on the Welcome to Williams Lake Facebook page which you can go to that discussion here.  I don't see how Trustees Boehm/Neufeld could survive re-election bids next fall after this reversal after mere months ago of deciding the old names of 'Western' and 'Lake City' campuses

2) City of Williams Lake released their two Alternate taglines in light of the 'Republic of Life' disaster.  Neither of them capture my attention.  If I had a choice, I'd likely go more with 'Life is bigger here' than 'Western, Rebooted'.  But now it's over to you….more on that here.

-- SBF

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Anonymous said...

But they failed again by restricting things to 2 choices, there must have been better alternatives like "frontier of life". Dumb logo, please just have a logo competion in draft stage and have a prize.