Thursday, April 13, 2017

CCRHD Board Highlights - April 13th mtg

Present: Chair M. Wagner; Directors T. Armstrong, J. Bruce, J. Massier, S. Forseth, B. Kemp, J. Sorley, A. Richmond, D. Cash, B. Anderson, B. Coakley, B. Simpson (Vice-Chair), W. Cobb and M. Campsall

Meeting called to order at 9:30am

Meeting Agenda/March 24th CCRHD Board Minutes, both adopted


1) The Board received the Hospital Consent Calendar, as of April 13th

2) The Board received a press release from the NStQ (Northern Shuswap First Nations) concerning support for Cariboo Memorial Hospital Expansion Plans

3) At the request of Director Forseth - the Board agreed to refer discussion on the CCRHD Capital Reserve level to the June 8th, 2017 CRD Committee of the Whole meeting

4) The Board received the IHA Capital Projects and Planning Status Report for March 2017

5) The Board received a press release from Interior Health regarding Ashcroft Emergency Department Temporary Service Change

6) Late Item - The Board received a news release from Northern Health announcing the implementation of a new method for after-hours patient registration

The Chair provided an oral report, as to a meeting with Interior Health senior officials

Resolved - That a letter be forwarded to Northern Health, with a copy to BC's Minister of Health, in regards to a request from the North West Regional Hospital District to provide a capital contribution for the new Terrace Hospital less than the usual 60/40 (Province/RHD) funding ratio and requesting clarification

The Board recessed at 9:50am
The Board resumed at 11:29am


At 11:30am, Jo-Ann Francis from PMT Chartered Accountants/Business Advisors LLP appeared before the Board to present the Audited 2016 Consolidated Financial Statements for the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District

A Question/Answer period ensued thereon

Chair Wagner, on behalf of the Board, thanked the delegation for their time/information

Resolved - That the 2016 Audit Findings Letter and Audited 2016 Consolidated Financial Statements for the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District, prepared by PMT Chartered Accountants / Business Advisors LLP, be received and approved as presented.

The Board adjourned at 11:38am

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