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Quesnel Council Highlights - Apr 4th mtg

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

Barkerville Gold Mines

Chris Lodder, President and Chief Executive Officer and Chris Pharness, Vice President of Environment and Sustainability, of Barkerville Gold Mines reviewed the Company’s short and long term goals of operations in the Cariboo Mining District.  Currently, the company has a permit to mine 150,000 tons annually for the Bonanza Ledge (in the area of Wells, BC) and is in feasibility stage which will see the company spend approximately $90 million over the next three years. The Bonanza Ledge and BC Vein Mine Plan is principally underground.  Barkerville Gold Mines is currently employs 131 workers in the area made up of employees, consultants and contractors.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Quesnel

Michelle Riley, Executive Director, and Shaina May, Caseworker, of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Quesnel highlighted that this organization has been in operation in  Quesnel since 1978.  Currently, there are five programs being offered in the community, at no cost to the participants, as follows:  Big Brothers Big Sisters Traditional 1:1 Mentoring Program; Adult and Teen in School Mentoring Program; Big Bunch Group Outings Program; Go Girls/Game On Group Program; Kids in Motion Group Program.  In 2016, this organization served 173 children and youth in the community with the demand for services continuing to grow.  The organization has an annual budget of $130,000 and relies heavily on grants, donations, in-kind contributions and fundraising.  On Friday, April 28, 2017, Quesnel Big Brothers Big Sisters will host a fundraising event “Bowl for Kids Sake”. 

Changes to Liquor Control and Licensing Branch Application Process

As of January 23, 2017, the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch has implemented changes to the application process for liquor licenses that affects the City’s corresponding processes.  The following is aimed at addressing the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch policy changes as well as streamlining the City’s Liquor License application process by:
Authorizing Director of Development Services to approve/deny some liquor applications, such as:
    • Permit liquor service past midnight up to 2 am,  and to permit as an accessory use, for the following commercial zones:
      • C-2 (West Quesnel Business District Commercial)
      • C-3 (Central Business District Commercial)
      • C-4 (Highway Commercial)
      • C-8 (Regional Shopping Centre)
    • Permit the addition of liquor service for patios up 30 m2 (322.8 ft2)
Council may reconsider an application in cases where the Delegated Authority has refused an application.

City’s Annual Drinking Water Report

The City’s Annual Drinking Water Report for 2016 is now available for viewing on the City’s website and at City Hall.  The British Columbia Drinking Water Protection Act legislates that the City provides an Annual Drinking Water Report and is made available to the public each year.  This report contains information that describes the City’s water system, a summary of the City’s quality testing and water management. The City’s system is used by approximately 10,000 residents who used less water in 2016 than 2015 by 334,767 cubic meters.

Marihuana Policy

With pending Federal, and possible Provincial, legislation slated to further legal marihuana production and the use of cannabis in 2018, Council has directed City staff to:
Develop policy that will permit Medical Marihuana Production Facilities in the Agriculture Land Reserve and Light Industrial Zones
Develop policy that will look at the City’s role with cannabis production in buildings in correlation to the City’s proposed Maintenance Bylaw
Develop policy, and update existing policies, to prepare for the legalization of cannabis.


- Bylaw 1820 – Five Year Financial Plan (Years 2017 to 2021) – Final Adoption

Next Meetings

5:30 pm on April 11th North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee
- 7 pm on April 18th Regular Council Meeting

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