Friday, April 28, 2017

NCLGA 2017 Resolutions Available

Next week - the North Central Local Government Association, or NCLGA, will be holding its' Annual General Meeting/Convention in the City of Terrace, starting on Tuesday, May 2nd and concluding on May 5th.  View the official NCLGA Convention Agenda here

During the Convention - there will be a number of learning sessions, meetings, off-site tours and Resolution Debate.  NCLGA Delegates will consider 25 Resolutions covering the following topics:

* Community/Resources
* Environment
* Finance
* Health
* Legislative
* Social Issues
* Transportation/Communications

And a late resolution from the City of Williams Lake on Forest Health

The full Resolutions book can be viewed here (start on page 46).  I was disappointed that NCLGA did not, this year, stick to its' usual practice of releasing the Resolutions book a month before Convention.  NCLGA did this previously for its' 2015/2016 Conventions.  Releasing NCLGA Resolutions 5 days before we are to debate them does not give me sufficient time to research them and formulate my thoughts on them before Convention.  This is the equivalent of presenting reports to local elected officials the day of a local government meeting.  This is not, in my view, best practice and I sincerely hope that this is an "one-off" event and NCLGA will return to its usual practice of releasing resolutions to NCLGA Delegates 30 days before Convention for the 2018 NCLGA Convention


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