Saturday, April 8, 2017

CRD Area 'D' Support for MLVFD

CRD Area 'D' Director Steve Forseth and
member of MLVFD First Responder Unit
Earlier today, I participated in a photo op with the McLeese Lake VFD (MLVFD) at the McLeese Lake Community Hall

This is me with a member of the MLVFD first responder unit practising on a mannequin giving CPR.

The MLVFD first responder unit receives money for supplies through a grant for assistance that I have provided them over the last few years, in addition to receiving a grant from the province as well as their own fundraising and using their own networks to get the supplies and other materials to run the entire MLVFD.

I know that the community of McLeese Lake appreciates the services that the MLVFD provides them


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