Tuesday, April 24, 2018

2018 McLeese Lake VFD Society AGM

2018 Annual General Meeting of the McLeese Lake
Volunteer Fire Department Society at
the McLeese Lake Community Hall
Last night - 24 people gathered at the McLeese Lake Community Hall to hear annual reports from the McLeese Lake Volunteer Fire Department Society, as it held its 2018 Annual General Meeting

Firstly, Ian Hicks as President of the Society and Fire Chief of the McLeese Lake Fire Department reported out on what the Fire Department/Society has been up to in the last year (2017-18) and what their goals are for the next year (2018-19) including building the Fire Hall, behind the McLeese Lake General Store.  Mr. Hicks also reported that the Society had received a plaque of appreciation from Emergency Management BC for their role in the 2017 Wildfires

Secondly - the Society's Treasurer reported that they were in good financial shape going into the 2018-19 year

Finally - Deb Burton, Constituency Assistant to Cariboo-North MLA Coralee Oakes, presented a Plaque of Appreciation on MLA Oakes' behalf for all of the hard work that the McLeese Lake Fire Department did in the last year

The usual Annual Elections were then held and save the Society's Treasurer changing, all other Officers/Directors' were returned for another year

I too, as the local CRD Area Director, provided a few words of thanks/appreciation/gratitude at the AGM for the hard work that the Society does year round to ensure a well functioning Fire Department for the McLeese Lake community and their partnerships with the Xat'sull (Deep Creek/Soda Creek) First Nation and the nearby Tyee Lake Volunteer Fire Department.  I also noted that both CRD Area F Director Joan Sorley and I have agreed to provide a $1,000 grant to the Society for costs in relation to the July 1st "Fort Mac Angels" event to properly thank those from Fort Mac, Alberta for assisting us in our time of need in the summer of 2017.  In addition, Area D has provided them with multiple capital grants in the last number of years in order to build up the capital capacity of the local Fire Department in addition to receiving other provincial or private grants plus local fundraising

I look forward to seeing the McLeese Lake Fire Department commence construction of their Fire Hall built, if all goes well, sometime in 2018 or early into 2019 and the desired goal to holding the 2019 McLeese Lake VFD Society AGM at their new Fire Hall...


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