Monday, April 30, 2018

Jillian Merrick runs for Mayor of Wells

The Prince George Daily News is reporting today that current Prince George City Councillor Jillian Merrick has been nominated for the position of Mayor - District of Wells in the June 9th local by-election there.  Click here

She tells My Prince George Now, as to the reason she is seeking the position:

“It was seeming like the community was really struggling to find folks to take up that mantle and, after much soulsearching, I realized that perhaps I had some skills and experience with my role in Prince George and certainly some familiarity with the community.”

The formal nomination period for the positions of Mayor and 1 Councillor position on the District of Wells Municipal Council terminates at 4pm this Friday.  This is no current information on other nominees, either for Mayor or Councillor - District of Wells

If elected on June 9th, Councillor Merrick would serve as Mayor of Wells until this October when mandatory local government elections are held for Mayors, Councillors, Electoral Area Directors' (Regional Districts') and School Trustees for a 4 year term commencing this November and terminating November 2022.


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