Monday, April 16, 2018

Early Preview of 2018 City of Williams Lake Local General Election?

Although the 2018 Local General Election in the City of Williams Lake is still a number of months away - a local group called Rail Ties - Be Wise (click here) a few weeks ago (March 22nd) encouraged its' supporters to start looking for candidates who are seeking public office this fall on Williams Lake City Council (Mayor/Councillor) and who are supportive, if elected, of getting Williams Lake City Council to withdraw its' support of Atlantic Power's bid to the provincial Ministry of Environment to increase its' ability to burn more rail ties - click here.  A local historian I consulted with advises that this was last tried in the City back in the 1970's when elections on municipal councils', at the time, were held every year for half of the elected positions

I do reasonably expect that those who are seeking election or re-election as Williams Lake Mayor or City Councillor will hear about this issue and many others like property taxation, infrastructure (roads primarily), crime, etc at the door step, starting in late September when the official 2018 Election Campaign for Williams Lake City Council commences

As to re-election plans for the currently elected (2014-18) Williams Lake City Council:

Seeking Re-Election
Number of Years Served

Walt Cobb (Mayor)
Councillor from 1984-90; Mayor from 1990-96 and 2014-present
Ivan Bonnell (Councillor)
Councillor from 1988-1999; Mayor from 1999-2002 and Councillor from 2011-present
Scott Nelson (Councillor)
Councillor from 1990-1999; Mayor from 2005-2008 and Councillor from 2014-present
Jason Ryll (Councillor)
Councillor from 2014-present
Craig Smith (Councillor)
Councillor from 2014-present
Laurie Walters (Councillor)
Councillor from 2008-present
Sue Zacharias (Councillor)
Cariboo Regional District Electoral Area ‘D’ Director from 2005-08; Councillor from 2008-present

Local Government General Elections (Regional District Boards', Boards of Education and Municipal Councils') will be held on Saturday, October 20th, 2018 for new 4 year terms commencing November 2018 and ending November 2022


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