Friday, May 18, 2018

Local Gov't Mtgs - Wk of May 22-25

The following local governments of the Cariboo-Chilcotin are meeting next week in a shortened week due to the Victoria Day long weekend, as follows:

Wells - Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 22nd at 7pm in Wells Council Chambers (4243 Sanders Avenue).  On the Agenda:

* Proposed Gateway Park Concession Agreement Renewal
* Proposed Health Bus Transit Renewal with the City of Quesnel
* Jack O Clubs General request for Council resolution in support of a Liquor License application change to allow for a Licensed Patio addition
* Numerous Letters from Wells residents
* Staff reports for information
* Bylaws for consideration from 1st, 2nd, 3rd Readings or Adoption

View the full Agenda here

Williams Lake - Committee of the Whole Session on Tuesday, May 22nd at 6pm in the Rick Hansen Boardroom (Basement - 450 Mart St).  On the Agenda:

* Police Commission Report from RCMP Inspector J. Pelley (WL RCMP Detachment Commander)
* Williams Lake Airport Improvement Fee Proposal
* RC Race Track in Boitanio Park - Requests to Council
* Business License Busking Downtown - Verbal presentation from Director of Development Services

View the full Agenda here

School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin)- Presentation of 2018-19 Budget/Regular Board of Education Meeting starting at 6:30pm at Peter Skene Ogden Secondary in 100 Mile House (200 - 7th Street, 100 Mile House).  On the Agenda:

* Public Input - Proposed SD27 2018-19 Budget
* Presentation - Rural Secondary School Program
* Consent Agenda for Adoption
* Reports from the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer
* Request to Ministry of Education to combine SD 27 Zones 5/6 (WL Fringe and City of WL) was denied
* A number of Bylaws for consideration

View the full Agenda here

100 Mile House - Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 22nd at 7pm in 100 Mile Council Chambers (385 Birch Avenue, 100 Mile House).  On the Agenda:

* By-Law Officer report for April 2018
* Tender Award – 2018 Sidewalk Projects
* PSO Graduation Promenade Route Approval
* Several Bylaws for consideration

View the full Agenda here

Cariboo Regional District - Meetings as noted below:

North Cariboo Rural Directors Caucus -- Regular Meeting on Tuesday, May 22nd at 3pm in the CRD Quesnel Office (100-410 Kinchant St, Quesnel).  On the Agenda:

* Grant for Assistance Application – Quesnel Tillicum Society
* City of Quesnel - 2018 Canada Day Sponsorship Request

View the full Agenda here

North Cariboo Joint Committee - Regular Meeting on Tuesday, May 22nd at 5:30pm in Quesnel Council Chambers (4th Floor - 410 Kinchant St).  On the Agenda:

* Presentations: Sports Hall of Fame / Quesnel Midget Hockey Team and the Organizing Committee
* Referred Item from Cariboo Regional District Board re: North Cariboo Joint Committee Terms of Reference
* Referred Item from Quesnel City Council - Children's Charter
* West Fraser Centre Liquor Permits and Licensing
* West Fraser Centre Banners and Memorabilia Policy
* Arena Precinct Project Update
* Alex Fraser Park Fur & Feather Building Replacement
* SD#28 News Release - Quesnel Board of Education approves two week Spring Break for 2019/2020
* Letter from Friends of Bouchie-Milburn Society re: Access to Bouchie Lake Hall
* In-Camera Session as per Section 90(1c/k - labour/negotiations) of the Community Charter. Items for Discussion -- Alex Fraser Park - Operating / Capital Agreement & West Fraser Centre Concession

View the full Agenda here

Emergency Preparedness Committee - Regular Meeting on Thursday, May 24th at 11:30am in the CRD Boardroom (180D North 3rd Avenue, Williams Lake).  The Committee will continue its' review of recommendations from 2017 Wildfire Review Reports and review the recently completed George Abbott/Maureen Chapman report reviewing the provincial response to Wildfires/Floods.  View the full Agenda here

Policy Committee - Regular Meeting on Thursday, May 24th at 3pm in the CRD Boardroom.  On the Agenda:

* Remuneration Bylaw Review
* Financial (Cheque) Signing Authorities Policy Update
* Naming Policy

View the full Agenda here

Public Hearing at 7pm on Thursday, May 24th in the Bouchie Hall Hall to consider an amendment to the North Cariboo Rural Land Use Bylaw.  Full details here.  The Public Hearing will be chaired by Cariboo RD Area 'B' Director Jerry Bruce on behalf of the Cariboo RD Board of Directors'

Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District - Regular Board Meeting on Friday, May 25th at 9:30am in the CRD Boardroom.  On the Agenda:

* Delegation: Northern Health at 11:30am to provide an update
* Hospital Consent Calendar
* Item from Northern Health regarding Welcome Signage at GR Baker Hospital

View the full Agenda here

Cariboo Regional District - Regular Board Meeting on Friday, May 25th at 9:45am in the CRD Boardroom.  On the Agenda:

* Delegation: Cariboo Agricultural Research Alliance (David Zirnhelt, Chair, and Serena Black, Coordinator) re: provide information with regard to the Alliance, its accomplishments to date and goals moving forward

* Consideration of Land Use Applications
* Number of NDIT Applications
* Discussion on Use of Special Voting (by email)
* Approval of Several Grant for Assistance Year Round applications
* Office Roof Upgrade - Funding Options
* 2017 Statement of Financial Report - for submission to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs/Housing
* Banning Fireworks in CRD Electoral Areas - Round 2
* Committee/Commission Reports
* Request from Area G Director Al Richmond for Director Initiative Funds -- up to $600 to assist with the cost to transport local youth to a CRD-coordinated event at the 108 in an effort to help community members recover from the 2017 wildfires

* In-Camera Session (Section 90(1j/k -- information prohibited from public disclosure/negotiations) of the Community Charter

View the full Agenda here

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Williams Lake Police Commission Report.Given the fact that we throw 4.5 million $$$$ annually at the policing problems in W.L. Those are pretty mediocre results for an organization that is arguably the best equipped in the world to fight crime and maintain law and order,yet the senior management of the local detachment appears to flaunt these stats and events as something to be proud of! UNACCEPTABLE!!!