Monday, May 21, 2018

Singh launches formal bid for re-election in Oct 2018 City of Kamloops General Election

Earlier today - Kamloops City Councillor Arjun Singh (who is also a Thompson Nicola RD Director and 1st Vice President of the Union of BC Municipalities) officially launched his 4th bid for Kamloops City Council.  In his pitch to his constituents, he talks about his 2014 Election Platform, goals met relative to his 2014 Election Platform and what he has been up to on Kamloops City Council in this term- click here

Meanwhile. back in January of this year -- Kamloops Mayor Ken Christian confirmed to CFJC Today that he will seek re-election this October as will Kamloops Councillors Kathy Sinclair, Dieter Dudy and Donovan Cavers.  Kamloops City Councillor Pat Wallace will retire from Kamloops City Council after serving for 31 years.  Kamloops City Councillors Tina Lange and Denis Walsh are mulling over their options and are expected very soon to reveal their October re-election plans - click here

Kamloops City Councillor Ray Dhaliwal told Kamloops This Week back on April 30th that he is seriously mulling a Kamloops Mayoral Bid and he will make up his mind by August - click here

Local Government Elections in BC to elect Mayors', Councillors', Electoral Area Directors (Regional Districts') and School Trustees (Boards of Education) will be held on Saturday, October 20th to elect individuals to these positions for a 4 year term covering the years November 2018-2022 inclusive...


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