Thursday, May 3, 2018

Update on Candidates for June 9th District of Wells By-Election

Today, Elections BC released the updated list of candidates for the Wells By-Election on June 9th for 1 Mayor position and 1 Councillor Position.  This by-election is necessary as a result of the recent resignations of former Wells Mayor Robin Sharpe and former Wells Councillor Lorraine Kozar. Read here

For Mayor -- Jillian Merrick (she is also a PG City Councillor)

For Councillor -- Mark Dawson and Buffy Rummel.  Mr. Dawson is a resident of Barkerville while Ms. Rummel is a resident of Wells

If the above stands by 4pm tomorrow - Councillor Merrick will be acclaimed as Mayor of Wells while a formal vote for the one Councillor seat will be necessary on June 9th

Stay tuned!


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