Thursday, May 3, 2018

Traffic Fine Revenue Program undergoes review

Back on April 5th of this year - BC's Minister of Municipal Affairs, the Hon. Selina Robinson, wrote to the Union of BC Municipalities or UBCM to advise that the Provincial Government would be invoking Section 276 of the Community Charter and the 2004 Consultation Agreement between UBCM-Provincial Government to review the Traffic Fine Agreement for an eye towards amending it between UBCM - Provincial Government and the consultations would conclude by July 2018.  Read the letter from Hon. Selina Robinson here

In reply on April 30th - the UBCM responded to the letter of April 5th from Minister Robinson outlining concerns regarding the Province’s rationale for seeking changes to the current TFRS agreement, while also providing examples of new policing cost pressures faced by local governments.

The Province’s rationale for amending the agreement is largely based on the expansion of automated traffic enforcement, which has the potential to generate additional traffic fine revenue. However, the overall state of policing in B.C. is one where local governments continue to face escalating costs, and stand to absorb a number of new policing costs (e.g. RCMP unionization, new Auxiliary Program, etc.). View UBCM's letter here.  In their reply letter - UBCM President Wendy Booth (also the Electoral Area F Director/Vice-Chair of the Regional District of East Kootenay) advised the Minister that she has instructed UBCM Staff to make this a priority item at the UBCM's May 18th Executive Meeting and looked forward for further discussion.

UBCM President Booth told the Vancouver Sun -- “We don’t know what it’s going to be (consultation) but this is a flag that’s been raised and we’re not sure the colour of the flag.” - Read more here

In terms of impacts on local governments of the Cariboo-Chilcotin -- only the Cities of Quesnel/Williams Lake would be impacted, depending on what direction the Province takes..

In 2016 -- the Province granted $178,992 to the City of Quesnel in Traffic Fine Revenue while providing the City of Williams Lake $207,144 in Traffic Fine Revenue

I have no doubt that these two Cities of the Cariboo-Chilcotin are watching this development closely while I personally would not be surprised if this topic comes up at the 2018 UBCM Convention in Whistler...


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