Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cariboo RD Area F Candidates visit Likely

CRD Area 'F' 2018 Director Candidates from L-R:
Shannon Rerie, Conrad Turcotte and Brice O'Neill

Last night - the 3 people in the running to succeed Joan Sorley as the new Cariboo Regional District Electoral Area 'F' Director - Shannon Rerie, Conrad Turcotte and Brice O'Neill - paid the community of Likely a visit.  Roughly between 15-20 Likely residents' showed up to ask their questions of the 3 candidates

After the moderator (Lisa Kraus) went over the rules of the All Candidates Forum and welcomed acclaimed (re-elected unopposed) Cariboo Regional District Area 'D' Director Steve Forseth to the Forum, the candidates were given an opportunity to provide opening remarks to the Likely community

Then the question period commenced with the questions ranging from access to the CRD Area 'F' Director to cell/internet connectivity, emergency planning to Mt Polley and finally - an opportunity was given to all 3 candidates to provide closing remarks and then the candidates were encouraged to talk 1-on-1 with the community members.  I had a chance to talk with all 3 candidates -- Mr. O'Neill prior to the forum starting and Ms. Rerie/Mr. Turcotte after the forum concluded, any one of the 3 could represent CRD Electoral Area F well but we'll all have to wait/see what the judgement of Area F voters will be on Saturday, October 20th after 8pm.

There are no other Area F All Candidate Forums scheduled, to the best of my knowledge, prior to the 2nd Advanced Voting Opportunity on Monday, October 15th  from 8am - 8pm at the CRD Boardroom in Williams Lake or General Voting Day on Saturday October 20th...


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