Thursday, November 6, 2014

1st Advance Vote Numbers - City of WL

The City of Williams Lake is reporting that 666 voters took part in the City's 1st Advanced Vote.

This is an increase of 58% over the 2011 1st Advanced Vote number, 42% over the 2008 1st Advanced Vote number and an increase of 58% over the 2005 1st Advanced Vote number

For the record - here are the 1st Advanced Vote numbers by election year:

2005 - 384
2008 - 278
2011 - 386
2014 - 666

I was very pleased to see the result of the 2014 1st Advanced Vote result.  If this continues, we should see an overall increase of total voter participation by the time the final vote tally is done on November 15th.

In 2011 - the overall voter participation for the City of Williams Lake election was 50.7% so hitting an overall voter participation rate for the 2014 City election of 60% is not unreasonable, given yesterday's Advanced Vote number

The 2nd Advanced Vote for the City of Williams Lake takes place on Wednesday, November 12th from 8am - 8pm at the Wiliams Lake City Hall Foyer

THANK YOU Williams Lake for taking a big interest in your next local government


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Anonymous said...

Your numbers are wrong. The percentage increases are 72.5%, 139.6%, and 73.4%.
A 100% percentage change means the original number doubled. 666 is more than double 278.