Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WL/Soda Creek Indian Bands on Mt Polley Re-Start

At this past Sunday's Mt Polley Community Meeting in Likely - Steve Robertson, Corporate Affairs VP for Imperial Metals is quoted by Cariboo Country/The Goat as saying Mt Polley could re-start sooner than later

This caused both WL Indian Band Chief Ann Louie & Soda Creek Indian Band Chief Bev Sellars to say that no discussion on any potential re-start of Mt Polley was had with their respective Band Councils' and in any event, was premature until the Ind. Panel Review on Mt Polley is completed by Jan 31st, 2015 in addition to other clean up site issues...

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This underscores the fact that people need to bear in mind that First Nations command a significant "moral veto" on resource development projects and the absolute necessity to have early and on-going consultation and accommodation for both Williams Lake & Soda Creek Indian Bands and their members' as they have traditional territory interests in the area around Mt Polley.

I can't see how Mt Polley Mine will restart without, at least, some sort of approval of both WL/Soda Creek Indian Bands.... in addition to the regulatory approvals which is still some months away....


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