Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Judicial Recount required in SD72 - Zone 2

In a very rare occurrence - a Provincial Court Judge in Campbell River will be called upon on Thursday to decide the fate of the election of 1 Trustee to represent Trustee Electoral Zone 2 (Sayward Valley) in School District #72 (Campbell River) after both Barbara Bowbrick and Gail Kirschner (Zone 2 candidates) received 98 votes each, both in the preliminary and final election counts

Sections 138 + 139 of the Local Government Act (LGA) speak to the process of a judicial re-count.  If a tie still exists after recounting every one of the 196 ballots cast, then Section 141 of LGA will apply (names in hat and draw one) - read Sections 138-141 of LGA here

Media is covering this story here (Campbell River Mirror) and here (CTV - Vancouver Island)


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