Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thank you note from Tovi Pare

Provided by Tovi Pare:

I would like to send out a HUGE Thank You to everyone who came out to support me as well as all the people who have campaigned to help improve our city. I am fortunate to have friends, family and community support behind me, through my various involvement in Williams Lake, I am prouder that ever to call this my hometown. 

This has been an incredible learning experience, as well as an exciting newchapter in my life. I look forward to continuing to become an involved and active member in making our city as amazing as I believe it is, and still can be...

I offer my congratulations to Walt Cobb our new Mayor and the Council members Ivan Bonnelle, Scott Nelson, Jason Ryll, Craig Smith, Laurie Walters and Sue Zacharias. I am excited to see what can be accomplished in the next 4 years.

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