Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thank you note from WL City Councillor-elect S.D. Nelson

Provided from WL City Councillor-elect S. D. Nelson:

thank you williamslake 

its a honor to represent a great community like williamslake congrats to all of the new council members jason(ryll)  ,craig(smith), sue (zacharias) laurie (walters) ivan (bonnell) and to mayor walt cobb 

many thanks go out to kerry cook for her hard work over the last 6 years and to surrinder (rathor) for his outstanding 21 years of community public service in wiliams lake

thanks to tovi (pare) sue (lachance) bobby-jo (macnair) wayne (lucier) peter (bowman) and marnie (brenner)  john (bjornstrom) for taking a positive leadership role in williamslake
congrats to steve (forseth) at the crd - area d

thank-you to the community for creating such a positive change
and thank-you to all of the campaign supporters that worked tirelessly day in and day out to create change

cheers scott nelson

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