Thursday, November 13, 2014

Incumbents do not deserve re-election

Letter to the Editor from local Williams Lake resident Kim Herdman:

Dear Editor:

Election day is fast approaching. The Citizens of Williams Lake have the opportunity and responsibility to elect 7 individuals who will lead, support, promote, and govern our fair city. Will those elected lead with vision? Will they support not only the businesses but the people of Williams Lake and, not to be forgotten, the environment? Will they promote good business practices but also good citizenship and more important will they promote a citizenship that is engaged in the social/political arena? Will they govern with fiscal responsibility and wisdom that bases their decisions on the laws of the land, the sustainability of the land and enriching the quality of life for its citizens?

If we look back at all the fiascoes that this council not only wasted time and money on we see that not only did they waste time and money but more importantly they did nothing to enrich the quality of life but instead lowered staff moral, created a them versus us attitude throughout the City in regards to major resource industries as well as to the Republic of Life re-branding. It seems that while they are so star struck with the pie in the sky vision of mega projects they ignore the subtleties of supporting local businesses when they paid $35,000 to the American firm Civic Plus ( to redesign the already newly redesigned City website. Their lackluster regard for employment and contract law has had them waste hundreds of thousands in legal fees and resulted with the unintended consequence of having a revolving door of staff and a strained relationship with the (Cariboo) Regional District.

The incumbents may feel that they did a good job; they may be well loved community members having long ties to the community but that does not mean that they deserve another term.

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