Sunday, November 2, 2014

BREAKING: Shawna Siemens withdraws from Quesnel election

This evening in the Facebook group Quesnel Beefs and Bouquets, Quesnel City Councillor candidate Shawna Siemens posts the following:

Please be advised that due to unforeseen circumstances I will be withdrawing from the Quesnel local elections. I have advised the QUESNEL observer and it will be in the local paper. We are asking quesnel citizens to please not vote for me. Thank you.

With her withdrawal, the remaining individuals running for the six Quesnel City Councillor seats are:

1) Ed Coleman (incumbent)
2) Laurey-Anne Roodenburg (incumbent)
3) Scott Elliot (incumbent)
4) Sushil Thapar incumbent)
5) John Brisco (incumbent)
6) Ron Paull
7) Kyle Jones
8) Ernest Gamache

Ms. Siemens will be required to write directly to Gina Albers (Quesnel Chief Election Officer) and advise in writing of her intention to withdraw from the election.  This requires approval from the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development (Hon. Coralee Oakes) as per Section 80 of the Local Government Act as follows:

Withdrawal, death or incapacity of candidate

80  (1) At any time up until 4 p.m. on the 29th day before general voting day (October 14th, 2014), a person who has been nominated may withdraw from being a candidate in the election by delivering a signed withdrawal to the chief election officer, which must be accepted if the chief election officer is satisfied as to its authenticity.
(2) After the time referred to in subsection (1), a candidate may only withdraw by delivering a signed request to withdraw to the chief election officer and receiving the approval of the minister.
(3) For the purposes of subsection (2), the chief election officer must notify the minister of a request to withdraw as soon as practicable after receiving it.
(4) The chief election officer must notify the minister if, between the declaration of an election by voting under section 76 (2) and general voting day for the election,
(a) a candidate dies, or
(b) in the opinion of the chief election officer, a candidate is incapacitated to an extent that will prevent the candidate from holding office.
(5) On approving a withdrawal under subsection (2) or being notified under subsection (4), the minister may order
(a) that the election is to proceed, subject to any conditions specified by the minister, or
(b) that the original election is to be cancelled and that a new election is to be held in accordance with the directions of the minister.

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