Friday, November 14, 2014

Last Day of 2014 Election Campaign

Today is the last day of campaigning for those seeking election or re-election as a CRD Electoral Area Director, Councillor, Mayor or School Trustee prior to Saturday's general voting session from 8am - 8pm

According to a Williams Lake Tribune poll being run earlier this week -- 94.1% of participants indicate that they have decided who they are voting for in Saturday's election for the City of Williams Lake City Council/Mayor

Meanwhile - let us look at minimum numbers (From 2011 Election data) to get elected as a Councillor on the 4 Municipal Councils:

Wells - 65 votes (with 5 people running for 4 seats)
Quesnel - 1,233 votes (with 10 people running for 6 seats)
Williams Lake - 1,156 (with 14 people running for 6 seats)
100 Mile House - no Councillor election as the 4 seats were acclaimed

School District #28 (Quesnel) - 1,690 (with 10 people for 7 seats)
School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) - Zone 4 needs 138 votes to win in 2 way race with Zone 5 needing 337 votes needed to win in 3 way race

As for Mayor - here are the minimum votes required  to win (2011 Election data)

Quesnel - 1,057 votes in 3 way race
Williams Lake - 1,777 in 3 way race
100 Mile House - 257 votes to win in 2 way race (race is same in 2014 vs 2011)

As for municipal councillor incumbents running again- here are their 2011 vote totals:

Wells - Richard Wright (77),  Virginia Wilkins (67)
Quesnel - Ed Coleman (1,733), Scott Elliot (1,679), Laurey-Anne Roodenburg (1,348), Sushil Thapar (1,333) and John Brisco (1,233)

Williams Lake - Laurie Walters (2,296), Sue Zacharias (2,004), Ivan Bonnell (1,742)
100 Mile House - All 4 Councillors were acclaimed - no election

When the results are in Saturday night (after 8pm) - I personally will be comparing incumbents re-elected Saturday vs their 2011 Numbers...

As for the Cariboo Regional District - in 2011, there were 4 Elections in Areas E, H, J and L.  This time out, there are 6 Elections in Areas A, B, D, E, I and K.  So for comparative purposes, to win in Area E, current Director Byron Kemp will need to receive 98 or more votes to retain his Area E Directorship however in that election - 4 people were in the running...

As I have stated repeatedly - please get out Saturday, no matter the local election race, and let's make this the biggest voter turnout for Cariboo-Chilcotin local elections ever


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