Thursday, May 30, 2019

2018 AGM of McLeese Lake Recreation Society

Last night - the McLeese Lake Recreation Society officially held their Annual General Meeting.  A previous effort failed as the minimum number of community members did not show (10)

At last night's AGM -- between 12-15 community members showed up.  After receiving annual reports of the President of the Society (Steve Relkov) and Treasurer of the Society (Maj Sutherland) -- annual elections were held.  The re-elected officers of the Society for the 2019-20 term, by acclamation are:

Steve Relkov - President
Gord MacArthur - Vice-President
Maj Sutherland - Treasurer
Lynne Rodier - Secretary

A number of returning and new Directors-at-Large were elected, all by acclamation for the 2019-20 term.  3 Directors retired.  They are thanked for their service to the community of McLeese Lake and their work on the Society

The Society manages the McLeese Lake Community Hall and the associated grounds.  They receive $15,000 through the Regional District's McLeese Lake Recreation Service to cover expenses of running the Community Hall and a small amount for capital works.... I also work with the Society to pursue grants to make improvements to the Hall.  In 2018 -- capital works included upgrades to the Kitchen & continual energy efficiency improvements (ie: lighting/furnace, etc)

Thank you to all members of the Society Executive (Officers and Directors) for their wonderful work in maintaining the wonderful facility the McLeese Lake Community Hall is....


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