Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Quesnel Council Highlights - May 28th mtg

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

Carbon Review Coordinator

The City has received $125,000 in funding, over two years, from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to hire a staff person to assist the City with moving forward Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation policies.  This funding recognizes that smaller communities struggle with obtaining the resources to adequately evaluate and move policies and projects forward that will assist communities in mitigating greenhouse gases, and adaptation planning for impacts of climate change.  The City’s new Carbon Review Coordinator will be responsible, over two years, for:
  • Developing a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction plan;
  • Implement operational and institutional changes that will ensure long-term GHG emission reductions;
  • Move projects from the planning stage to the implementation stage.

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Public Report for 2018

Council reviewed the draft Climate Action Revenue Incentive Report for 2018.  This report summarizes the community and corporate actions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Council made no changes to this draft report.  The finalized report will be available on the City’s website on June 30, 2019. 

Council Chambers - Projectors Update

Council approved $25,000 to replace the aging projectors in Council Chambers in the 2019 Capital Plan.  However, responses to the Request for Proposals for this project came in at an average of $57,000.  Council has decided to defer this project, and carryover the allotted $25,000 to the 2020 Capital budget to consider additional capital funds required to complete this project.

North-South Interconnector

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure provided Council with a letter outlining questions and answers to provide the most up to date information around the work the Ministry has completed to date, as well as, to provide an update as to what to expect this year moving forward in the design phase of this proposed project.  For full details of this proposed project, please visit the Ministry’s website.


1870 – Minimum Rental Property Standards (Maintenance Bylaw) – Second and Third Readings

Next Meeting

6 pm – June 4, 2019 – Regular Council Meeting – City Hall/Council Chambers

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