Friday, May 31, 2019

Local Government Meetings - Week of June 3-7

The following local governments of the Cariboo-Chilcotin are meeting next week, as follows:


1) Financial Sustainability/Audit Committee - Regular Meeting on Monday, June 3rd at 3pm in the Fraser Room (4th Floor, 410 Kinchant St).  On the Agenda:

* Quesnel's 100th Celebration (establish reserve fund for event)
* Tax Framework - Discussion
* Landfill DLC Rate - Discussion

View the full Agenda here

2) Municipal Council - Regular Meeting on Tuesday, June 4th at 6pm in Quesnel Council Chambers (4th Floor, 410 Kinchant St).  On the Agenda:

* Delegation: Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association - Amy Thacker, CEO -- Tourism Update; Destination Development (Request for Letter of Support) and Gold Rush Trail Update
* Committee/Council Reports
* BC Transit/City of Quesnel Annual Operating Agreement
* BC Transit Partnership Agreements - District of Wells and Nazko First Nations
* 2019 Fa├žade Improvement Grant Program Update
* Alex Fraser Park Society Management Agreement
* West Fraser Centre Use Agreement - Quesnel Kangaroos
* Waterfront Development Project Update

View the full Agenda here

3) Executive Committee - Regular Meeting on Wednesday, June 5th at 9am in the Fraser Room (4th Floor, 410 Kinchant Street).  On the Agenda:

* Interconnector Communication Status
* Airport Update
* Forestry Initiatives Update
* Updated Vision Statement - Mayor Simpson
* May 30, 2019 - United Way Mental Health Clinical Supports Update Email

View the full Agenda here

Williams Lake - Committee of the Whole Session on Tuesday, June 6th at 6pm in the Rick Hansen Boardroom (Basement - 450 Mart St).  On the Agenda:

* Delegations -- Anne Burrill, Project Lead - Thrive Community Poverty Reduction Project re: Update to Council and Williams Lake Trail Riders Request for Water Bill Reimbursement Due to Leak

* Council Indemnity
* RCMP Budget Report
* Travel Expense & Council Compensation Policy
* Williams Lake Transit - HandiDART Expansion
* Approval for Street Sweeper Purchase

View the full Agenda here

Cariboo Regional District - 1st 2019 Board on the Road event in Quesnel at Shiraoi House (690 Gray Ave, Quesnel)

Committee of the Whole Session at 1pm -- on the Agenda:

* Use of eScribe for In-Camera Meetings
* Banning of Fireworks in Rural Areas....

View the full Agenda here

Community BBQ at LeBourdais Park from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

CCRHD Board - Regular Meeting at 9:30am. On the Agenda:

* GR Baker Memorial Hospital – Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit Addition (Capital Expenditure Bylaw) -- 3 Readings/Adoption
* Northern Health Funding Request - GR Baker X-Ray Equipment
* Review of Current Arrangements for Medical Recruitment and Retention

View the full Agenda here

Cariboo RD Board - Regular Meeting at 9:45am or upon adjournment of the CCRHD Board. On the Agenda:

* 2 Delegations -- Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. and North Cariboo Agricultural Development Advisory Committee
* Various Planning Items
* Various Committee/Commission Items
* Budget Surplus Allocation to Likely Community Hall from Area F Community Halls Service
* Request for Permissive Tax Exemption for Forest Grove Legion

View the full Agenda here

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