Monday, May 20, 2019

Local Gov't Awareness Week - May 19-25

2019 Local Gov't Awareness Week Proclamation
Courtesy of Government of British Columbia

The week of Sunday, May 19th to Saturday, May 25th is Local Government Awareness Week in the Province of British Columbia and is a partnership between the Government of British Columbia and the Union of BC Municipalities.  More resources on promotion of Local Government Awareness Week from UBCM can be viewed here

Whether you are a Staff member of a local government (CAO, CFO, Manager/Director, etc) or an elected official (Mayor, Councillor or Electoral Area Director) -- you are always practicing "Local Government Awareness" each and every day

For myself -- I always try my best to make my local government (Cariboo RD) work for my constituents on a daily basis.... and also be accountable by keeping them in the loop, whether via my blogsite, social media networks, public meetings or one on one contacts

Finally - thank you to local government champions like BC's Municipal Affairs Minister Selina Robinson or the 2018-19 UBCM President (and Kamloops City Councillor) Arjun Singh -- while both have and are currently serving as City Councillors, I know they try very hard to understand the perspective of Electoral Area Directors and work together to find solutions', even when we have to "agree to disagree" once in a while 

To those elected officials/local government staff -- thank you for your public service and ensure the best of local governments in British Columbia -- both this week and year round...


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