Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CC Conservation Society Questions

This afternoon - I answered the 4 questions put to WL City Council (Mayor/Councillor) and CRD Director candidates from the Cariboo-Chilcotin Conservation Society

Find the questions and my answers below:

1) Are you familiar with the long term Integrated Community Sustainability Plan of 2009 and if so, what is your vision going forward? Would you reinstate the Sustainability Committee?

Answer: I am very familiar with this plan.  The ICSP Plan was adopted by Williams Lake City Council in July of 2010 and thus this plan does not apply to the Cariboo Regional District.  The Cariboo Regional District does have the Williams Lake Fringe OCP which applies to portions of Electoral Areas D, E, F and will apply the OCP to development and other community development proposals within the applicable parts of Area D and finally, I would be in support of restoration of the Sustainability Committee, as the current Area D Director, Deb Bischoff, has been in support of the Committee’s previous activities 

2.) How would you attract more green entrepreneurs and green jobs to Williams Lake?

Answer: In partnership with the City of Williams Lake and others to pool our resources together in order to diverse our economy to include the traditional sectors (forestry, mining and agriculture) and those of the ‘new and sustainable jobs’ in green jobs…  Nobody can do much alone but together, we can accomplish a lot

3) How can public access to Williams Lake be improved without compromising the Nature Centre?

Answer: As I understand this issue applies to the City of Williams Lake only — I’m not able to comment on this item  as a candidate for Electoral Area ‘D’ Director of the Cariboo Regional District

4.) Do you have any suggestions to improve the water and waste management system within the City and Region?

Answer: The Cariboo Regional District has the recently approved Solid Waste Management Plan and the Region is guided by that Plan for the next period of time (10 years, I believe) however I am open to public input to ensure the Plan meets the needs of the public with respect to recycling/garbage while living up to the goals of the Solid Waste Management Plan which underwent a 2 year public review/input process…

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Anonymous said...

Steve your a wealth of knowledge. Knowing when to comment and when it's beyond your jurisdiction as area director.
Vote Steve!!!!