Friday, October 31, 2014

Kerry Cook wants 3rd Term

In today's Williams Lake Tribune - current Williams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook says what she hopes to accomplish in her 3rd term, if re-elected in 2 weeks

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As I noted on Williams Lake Speak Up! (Facebook group):

1) "Open Gov" was a Staff initiative, not Kerry Cook's
2) Monthly Cheque Register publication was at the request of WL City Councillor Ivan Bonnell
3) There has been a lack of leadership on the CRD Relationship from the City of WL side from Mayor Cook by her silence... they say silence is signed consent

Also running for Williams Lake Mayor are former Mayor Walt Cobb, current Williams Lake City Councillor Surinderpal Rathor and John Bjornstrom



Tbarr said...

1.i believe Open Gov. Was a promise Kerry made when she ran 6 yrs.ago! 2. Cheque registry was available for Councilors to peruse at anytime. 3.silence can also indicate satisfaction with CRD operations. Steve,your comments appear to be strictly Political in motivation. Considering the rather meaningless items I have not yet decided how I will vote.

Steve Forseth said...

Thanks Tom for your comment

With great respect...

1) I was here 6 years ago when she ran for Mayor and didn't propose Open Gov then... Open Gov happened because of people like Margaret Stewart and Darrell Garceau, period!

2) If Mayor Cook was so satisfied with the CRD, then she should proclaim that EVERY day, otherwise she should be speaking out when the City Councillors actions' are not helping the relationship... and I've seen the relationship issues from CRD side during my time as an Alternate Director and it does NEED major repairs...

Don't forget to come to the Mayoral Forum on Monday and hopefully one of the candidates will convince you to vote for them as Mayor of Williams Lake...


Anonymous said...

What is happening with the former WL CAO lawsuit Steve?

Steve Forseth said...

Awaiting decision of Supreme Court. Nothing yet as of last Friday.