Saturday, October 25, 2014

MP Dick Harris to make Retirement Announcement

As reported by CKPG-TV (Prince George)  - current Federal Conservative Cariboo-PG MP Dick Harris is widely expected to announce his retirement from federal politics today and thus not seek re-election in the Oct 2015 Federal Election

In addition - widely rumoured Federal Conservative nomination candidate Todd Doherty is also widely expected to announce his intention to seek the Federal Conservative nomination for the Cariboo-Prince George electoral district.  At this time, there is no formal nomination race underway.  Other people seeking the Federal Conservative nomination for the Cariboo-PG riding include Nick Fedorkiw and Gerald Caron.

Local PG Media have also speculated that current PG Mayor Shari Green, since her announcement to not seek re-election this November earlier this year, will seek to become the next Federal Conservative nominee for the Cariboo-PG electoral district although Mayor Green has publicly denied this

As for myself - MP Harris has been a very good Member of Parliament for the Cariboo-PG riding including his support for the proposed Prosperity and New Prosperity mines, west of Williams Lake, as well as various other initiatives in the riding (Vanderhoof, Prince George, Quesnel and Williams Lake) and the next MP (hopefully a Federal Conservative) will have big shoes to fill...

Watch the video from CKPG-TV below:

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