Tuesday, August 8, 2017

After 50 years, are Regional Districts' still relevant?

Yesterday - Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) Area 'P' Director Mel Rothenburger wrote on the subject of the 50th Anniversary of the Thompson Nicola Regional District.  The exact 50th birthday of the TNRD will be November 24th, 2017.  

Regional Districts were a creation of the Province back in the mid-1960's to bring local government more closer to home for those living in the rural areas of BC.  A full write-up on what a regional district is can be viewed here

Meanwhile - Director Rothenburger asks:

After 50 years, Are Regional Districts still relevant to the rural people of British Columbia?

His answer: Yes, but all Regional Districts' still face a number of challenges.  Read his article here.  I too agree with Director Rothenburger.  While there will be always challenges, working with rural communities and finding solutions that work for those communities will be key in keeping rural communities resilient and vitalized...

The Fraser-Fort George RD is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year by holding their Board Meetings in McBride, Valemount and Mackenzie.  The Fraser Valley Regional District is also recognizing 50 years of Regional Districts in BC this year.  However, their actual 50th anniversary will come in the year 2045.  Other Regional Districts celebrating their 50th in 2017 include:

* Central Okanagan
* Nanaimo
* Sunshine Coast

Meanwhile - the Cariboo Regional District will celebrate its' 50th anniversary in 2018 and I expect we will address the 50th Anniversary plan during our 2018 Budget Planning this fall


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