Sunday, August 6, 2017

Cariboo-Chilcotin Fire Update -- August 6th am

Good morning:

Yesterday - the Cariboo Regional District issued 1 New Evacuation Order for the North Arm of Quesnel Lake.  For the current list of CRD Evacuation Alerts/Orders, click here

For the current Evacuation Alert for the City of Williams Lake - click here.

The Districts' of Wells/100 Mile House and the City of Quesnel currently do not have their Emergency Operations Centre activated nor do they have an active Evacuation Alert or Order

Up-to-date information of the Wildfires of Note in the Cariboo Fire Centre, including all fires within the Cariboo Regional District, can be viewed here

If your CRD Electoral Area is partially under an Evacuation Order (Areas B, D, F, I, J, K and L) - you can call the CRD Emergency Ops Centre (EOC) Public Info Line for questions/clarifications at 1-866-759-4977 or use the online map at

A reminder that off-road vehicle use is now BANNED in the Cariboo, Kamloops and Southeast Fire Centres.  More details here 

Williams Lake Mayor Walt Cobb's message to his residents' in Williams Lake yesterday was:

Saturday night. Not a bad day today. Some smoke this morning but not as bad tonight. Can actually see the moon and it's not too red.
Earlier I posted the fire center report so if you saw it you would know the "White Lake fire that was the cause of the evacuation is considered 40% contained. The one that is now a concern for us seems to be the one I think they call the Hanceville fire that is heading towards the Gang Ranch/Dog Creek direction particularly if it crosses the Fraser like the White Lake one did.
I have not stopped in at the Resiliency center or the donation center in the last couple of days so don't know if they are as busy. Seems to be a lot of cars in the parking lot.
Enjoy the long weekend and unless there are important changes I will sign off til Monday night. But will keep checking for questions.

Finally - friendly reminder to continue to rely ONLY on official sources for Evacuation Alerts or Orders from your local government website or Facebook page or through the local media - Tribune (click here) or Vista Radio (click here).

Further Cariboo RD Wildfire Resources:

· YouTube at
· Facebook at
· Website at


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Anonymous said...

I like the constant reminders to follow only official sources of info, yet people keep sharing Cobb's posts! If he's an "official" source of info, his posts should be going through the City page. Though I doubt the City wants to post negative bits like "stupid name" when referring to the Resiliency Centre (just a slap in the face to the many volunteers working so hard down there).

Keep up the great work, Steve.