Thursday, August 3, 2017

Welcome Home from the Williams Lake Bylaw Department

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

The Williams Lake Bylaw Department welcomes residents home and would like to address some concerns arising from the recent evacuation order and ongoing alert. Over the past few weeks, many lawns have no doubt become overgrown and, given the current wildfire situation, residents are encouraged to ensure properties are kept free from elements which may increase the chance of spreading any fires.

This includes keeping any grass/vegetation on properties short and orderly, as well as keeping lawns free of any combustible or unsightly materials. A clean lawn is not only more appealing, it is also much safer.

Normal water restrictions remain in effect, but residents are encouraged to be mindful of usage so that water is always available for any potential firefighting efforts. There is no need to over water lawns if the grass is kept short.

As things gradually return to normal, the public’s patience is greatly appreciated. The days before the evacuation order saw a number of visitors to our City, and some people did not have time to get everything in order before they left. As a result, there may be a vehicle or trailer parked on the street a little longer than is typical, lawns may be overgrown, or a neighbour's dog may be barking more often than usual. Please try to be patient and understanding of your neighbours both within our community and those from other communities.

If the opportunity presents itself, take the time to have a conversation with your neighbours and offer them a hand. The whole of the Cariboo has come together over the past few weeks to look out for one another. Let's all take this opportunity to support each other as we return Williams Lake to the home we all love.

For more information, contact the Bylaw Department at (250) 392-4321

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