Friday, August 4, 2017

Cariboo-Chilcotin Fire Update - August 4th am

Good morning:

Yesterday - the Cariboo Regional District issued no new Evacuation Alerts or Orders.

For the current list of CRD Evacuation Alerts/Orders, click here

For the current Evacuation Alert for the City of Williams Lake - click here.

The Districts' of Wells/100 Mile House and the City of Quesnel currently do not have their Emergency Operations Centre activated nor do they have an active Evacuation Alert or Order

Up-to-date information of the Wildfires of Note in the Cariboo Fire Centre, including all fires within the Cariboo Regional District, can be viewed here

If your CRD Electoral Area is partially under an Evacuation Order (Areas D, F, I, J, K and L) - you can call the CRD Emergency Ops Centre (EOC) Public Info Line for questions/clarifications at 1-866-759-4977 or use the online map at

Something else the Cariboo Regional District is working on is a ban on ATV's, etc in the backcountry while we have the extreme fire risk around the Province.  Here is a report from my CRD Colleague/Area H Director Margo Wagner yesterday on the subject and I agree with the premise of what she says, as does the Cariboo Regional District Board:

The Cariboo Regional District is trying to get the Provincial Government to issue a ban from allowing the public to use the backcountry either on foot, by motorized vehicles etc. We have the co-operation of the BC Cattleman Association, and the Cariboo-Chilcotin-Coast Tourism Association, and with the long weekend upon us, all Cariboo residents are concerned that fires could start. However, the Provincial Government, in its' infinite wisdom, has put this on a Deputy Minister's desk, where it will sit for who knows how long. Both MLA Donna Barnett and CRD Chair Al Richmond have been working on this all day, but with no success. So please feel free to vent and cause an uproar, as this to us, on the ground and living in these communities at risk, is ridiculous

If you agree with the above - please contact the following people:

1) MLA Donna Barnett - 250-395-3516 (100 Mile House) or 250-305-3800 (Williams Lake) or via email at

2) MLA Coralee Oakes -- 250-991-0296 or via email at

3) Minister of Forests, Land and Natural Resource Operations - Hon. Doug Donaldson via email at or phone 1-800-663-7867 and ask to be transferred to 250-387-6240 and state where you are calling from

Here is Williams Lake Mayor Walt Cobb's wildfire message to the residents of the City of Williams Lake, from yesterday:

Well here we are Thurs night. Very Smokey all day. When I checked to see if from new fires wax told that no the fires were still active but the lack of a breeze today left the smoke hang around. Breeze is to pick up tonight and may clear a bit.
Not much else happening. Resiliency center busy but the whole town seems busy today.
As stated last night the fire put Riskey Creek way seems to be the most active and worry some.
Some Wildwood residents were allowed back last night.
There is no rain predicted for at least 2 weeks. There seem to be issues with funding for some thst came home. No helpful for them and can't seem to find a consistent answer.
Hope all is well for those of you still away.

Finally - friendly reminder to continue to rely ONLY on official sources for Evacuation Alerts or Orders from your local government website or Facebook page or through the local media - Tribune (click here) or Vista Radio (click here).

Further Cariboo RD Wildfire Resources:

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Anonymous said...

Some residents have even been allowed to go in and out of the Spokin Lake evacuated area freely without permits while others are refused even permits. Why is this happening? Those who are unable to return to their homes because of the evacuation order are dismayed about this . They are also very frustrated that the only information about this particular fire ever disseminated is non-descript and general in nature. Is it actual fire keeping people from their homes or just the risk of next week's wind patterns? While every effort has been appreciated, seems like CRD should address this fire more aggressively so people can get home.

Steve Forseth said...

Good morning: in regards to your comments; 1) The BC Wildfire Service handles all aspects of firefighting and advises when is safe to allow people home. With respect to permits issued or denied, that is an independent decision of our emergency operation centre and is not made at a political level. With respect to access in or out of the Spokin Lake Fire Area, you may want to make RCMP inspector Jeff Pelley aware of your concerns. By email, that is or via phone at 250-392-6211.