Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Best/Worst Small Cities to Live

This afternoon - I received a link to an online magazine called Cities Journal.  In two articles, they detail the 15 Canadian cities to move away from which includes Quesnel (#5) and Williams Lake (#3).

The magazine says this about Quesnel:

Like Port Albertini and many other cities throughout Canada, Quesnel was once a thriving town, filled with people happily working in the gold mining and forestry industries. Once those industries dried up, the jobless and crime rates skyrocketed while access to things like medical care became harder and harder.

While the magazine says this about Williams Lake:

Williams Lake was once a major player in the British Columbia gold rush. When the gold ran out, it then held the dubious distinction of “crime capital” of the country.

Rampant unemployment and high crime made it extremely difficult to lure potential residents and industry to the area. The local government has made major inroads in combating all of the town’s issues, but there’s still a ways to go.

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Meanwhile - the same magazine has compiled a list of Top 13 Canadian Small Cities which included Prince George and Kamloops

They say this about Kamloops:

A great little city in Southern British Columbia, Kamloops offers plenty of diversions for residents and visitors in any season. Outdoor activities take priority in the summer, with fishing, boating and other water-oriented activities high on the list. In the winter, hardy residents go ice fishing, but there are popular sleigh rides for those who prefer calmer pursuits.

While they state this about Prince George:

Sometimes called the northern capital of British Columbia, Prince George boasts a young and energetic population of more than 75,000. The all-Canada Winter Games will be held here in 2015. Sports, art, live theater and outdoor activities keep residents busy. Moreover, the economy is strong and life is good.
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I imagine that Quesnel/Williams Lake Councils' will be furious with the conclusion of this magazine's interpretation of Quesnel/Williams Lake while Prince George/Kamloops Councils' will be pleased with this magazine's conclusions about their communities


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