Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 Ideas for the BC Economy

Recently, I received an email from Gil Picard of Abbotsford who has two ideas for the BC Economy.  This email was also given to the Hon. Pat Bell (Minister of Jobs, Innovation and Tourism) and other BC Political Leaders:


We have, in this province, many talented and hard working people who have good ideas, can and will do all the work to manage and operate a business but they lack the capital to start one and the time or patience to fill forms and try to be both an accountant and a lawyer.

What the province needs to do, is to form a provincial equivalent to the federal Business Development Bank.

This entity would assist people with ambition and plausible ideas, to produce a business plan, and if the plan shows that the proposal would result in a viable enterprise, would finance or guarantee financing of the the business with the following provisos:

1 - the business should provide a specified number of jobs for the money invested
2 - the business should be located outside the lower mainland with preference given to areas with higher unemployment
3 - the business should provide economic diversification for the region, and if possible, use local resources
4 - the plan would include mandatory payroll deductions from all employees, which would make the employees shareholders to an increasing degree and they would eventually buy all shares from the provincial business bank, to the point where the employees/shareholders would end up owning the business and the province would be totally out of it.


Fuel costs are escalating beyond the average working person's budget and we have no means of providing any alternate fuels for heating (in many areas) or transportation, the same as we can not possibly provide adequate public transportation in most areas of the province. There is a solution in sight!

Currently, the U.S. auto industry is producing 5% flex-fuel compatible vehicles - Ford's share is 15%.

The U.S. Open Fuel Standard Act (H.R.1476 / S.835) mandates that 80% of new automobiles must be flex fuel compatible (that is, capable of operating on gasoline, ethanol, methanol or biodiesel) by 2015. Modifying the internal combustion engine to make a vehicle flex-fuel compatible costs manufacturers a mere 100 dollars per vehicle. Existing gasoline fuelled vehicle can be made FF compatible with a kit worth about $400.00.

In view of this, wouldn't it make sense to find a source for alternate fuel as soon as possible?

We can do that right here in B.C. and create more jobs while we're at it!

The following links show you the feasibility of producing ethanol and methanol from our own resources.
see: http://www.iags.org/methanolsources.htm and http://energyvictory.net/

All we need is our plentiful scrap wood, organic garbage, natural gas, coal or one other ingredient.

And the other ingredient? - "Hemp"
No this is not marijuana! Before you panic, go to the internet and inform yourself about hemp.
It is the third most productive crop for producing ethanol (After sugar cane and corn). It grows almost anywhere prolifically.

There is one licensed hemp grower in B.C. and he says his biggest problem is finding a market.
Here's a way for farmers to increase their cash crop - grow hemp where nothing else will grow.
Plus we can use the plan in job producing solution #1 above, to build and operate ethanol/methanol plants all over B.C.

More jobs waiting!

Gill Picard - Abbotsford, BC

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