Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 Quesnel City Councillors announce re-election bids

Earlier today - both Quesnel City Councillors Mike Cave (via Facebook) and L-A Roodenburg (via Facebook, The Rush/The Wolf) announced their re-election bids.

For L-A Roodenburg (via Facebook) - she says:

Good Morning People. I am very happy to announce today that I will be officially seeking my second term as a councillor for the City of Quesnel. I hate making promises but I can say this....I will work diligently for the citizens of Q-town. We have set a vision for the community, and with respectful dialogue and debate and lobbying at every level of government, I will be part of a team that will keep Quesnel successful, and a brilliant place to call home.

Meanwhile - Mike Cave, in announcing his re-election bid for Quesnel Council (again via Facebook):

Following the lead of my colleagues I am going to declare my intention to seek a second term on Quesnel City Council. Thank you all for the experience you have allowed my to have. But there is more for us to do. I ask for your support and I promise I will continue to help direct our city to a healthy, sustainable, and green future. Again, thanks to everyone.

So - that leaves Quesnel Councillors Ron Paull, Coralee Oakes, and Sushil Thapar (Peter Couldwell already announced his intention to retire from Quesnel Council) to announce their re-election bids or retirement plans with 24 days remaining before time runs out on October 14th at 4:00pm


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