Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Williams Lake News...Tuesday, Sept 27th edition

While WL Council is away in Vancouver to attend the week long UBCM Conference, local politics go on with the following news:

* Walt Cobb releases economic development strategy - see here (Tribune) and here (Welcome to WL)
* WL Mayoralty Candidates debate measures for local economy - see here
* WL Independent TV has a new video uploaded (Community Heroes) - click on "play" button and view here
* BC Division of Can Taxpayers' Federation (CTF) calls for municipal election candidates to sign a "Contract with Taxpayers' including the introduction/passage of a "Taxpayer Protection Bylaw" which includes a yearly 15% paycut for Mayor/Councillors who raise property taxes above the rate of inflation (which is currently 2.3%) - see more details here

Over at "WL City Councillor Laurie Walters' Facebook re-election page" - she is being challenged to sign the CTF's "Contract with Taxpayers" - see here 

Also - I've asked local Chief Election Officer Cindy Bouchard to clarify that currently elected officials for Williams Lake are disqualified from using City resources to get re-elected like City of Williams Lake email addresses, etc as I noted, on Kerry Cook's Facebook re-election page, that she is using her City of WL assigned email address for re-election purposes, it appears...

Update - Kerry Cook's re-election team has now removed her City email address from her Facebook re-election page

No new announcements for local election candidates.  So far - we've seen 3 announcements for WL City Council, 3 for WL Mayor, and 1 for SD #27 plus 9 confirmed candidates for CRD Areas A-L and that is a bit concerning, given next Tuesday at 9am - candidates may go to the CRD, SD #27/28, Wells/Quesnel/Williams Lake/100 Mile local Chief Election Officer to file their local elected offices papers.

Hopefully - we'll see more announcements tomorrow, Thursday and next week but the "clock is ticking", as they say, as October 14th at 4pm fast approaches

Finally - Food for Thought:

There is now "12 Announce" days prior to/on October 14th.  For a candidate to announce after October 14th and plans to win - that candidate, whoever he/she is and for whatever office they run for, I'm told, would have to be a "household" name in their local community.  Names less known would make their election run more difficult after Oct 14th, given the remaining "campaign time" (21 effective campaign days of Mon-Sat, rather than the current 37 campaign days, starting today) available prior to the 1st election vote which is on Wednesday, November 9th

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