Monday, September 26, 2011

WL RCMP Members assaulted in traffic stop

From the Williams Lake RCMP:

Williams Lake RCMP constable suffered a broken jaw when she was allegedly assaulted by the driver of a car during a traffic stop.

On Thursday September 22, 2011, the uniformed RCMP officer observed a vehicle being driven in an erratic manner in the city area. The officer also noted that the vehicle was not insured which led to further grounds to stopping the vehicle. During the interaction with the unlicenced driver, the man became hostile with the lone officer, prompting her to request for an additional officer to attend.

A uniformed supervisor attended to assist, at which time the man allegedly attempted to initiate a physical confrontation with the officers. In an effort to physically control the man and while placing the man under arrest for obstruction, the man kicked the corporal and also punched the constable in the face. The driver was eventually controlled and arrested for assault causing bodily harm. The man was returned to the detachment and detained in order to appear before the courts to determine his release from custody.

The first visible injury to the constable, was a chipped tooth that required an immediate dental examination that day at which time it was discovered that her jaw was severely fractured.

“It’s troubling that our officer suffered this serious injury, and is a sad reminder of the risks that our officers face while conducting their regular duties. It also does have an effect on the whole community, as we have a previously active and operational officer whom will now be sidelined in order to recuperate from this alleged assault.”stated Staff Sgt Warren Brown of the Williams Lake RCMP.

The Williams Lake RCMP are continuing their investigation into the matter.

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