Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christy Clark releases new BC Jobs Plan

At today's Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon, BC Premier Christy Clark released her BC JOBS plan.  See the full Government of BC press release here.  See the new BC JOBS website here

Expect both the BC NDP and BC Conservatives to take issue with this plan, either later today or tomorrow once they both have had time to review the Plan and put their own spin on it



Anonymous said...

Hey Steve ... I don't have to put any kind of spin on this. She has re-announced plans put in place or started by Gordon Campbell ... repackaged stuff that is already there ... and announced funding for projects that are already underway and may or may not need the additional funds.

One of the strangest ones was her announcement at TRU in Kamloops of more $$ to increase off-shore students by 50% over the next few tears when we are ALREADY experiencing double digit growth??

Tongue in cheek I have renamed this the Magical Mystery Tour

Cariboofly said...

Chrusty is a long time, died in the wool, Federal Liberal. It's very easy to recognize the strategy of her and her "advisers", most of whom are of the same ilk. Chretien and Martin did the very same thing, over and over.