Friday, September 23, 2011

Economic Development #1 Priority under Mayor Nelson

This afternoon - Welcome to Williams Lake reports that, if elected, Scott Nelson will elevate the Economic Development Portfolio of Williams Lake City Council into the Mayor's office and make it the #1 Priority for the next Williams Lake City Council.  See that article here

Like Henry Van Soest in this past Thursday's Williams Lake Tribune - I too am beginning to be very troubled by this Council's grasp on the Economic Development front.  But here is the real question for the Mayor's Race in Williams Lake:

On Economic Development - does this community want to continue to support "Ms. Dithers" in Kerry Cook or elect "Mr. Action" in Scott Nelson?



Anonymous said...

so you finally sunk to name calling huh?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Williams Lake didn't report anything Nelson wrote it

Steve Forseth said...

Thanks for your comments...

Anonymous at 6:09pm...

I would argue that it is "calling it the way I see it" and would note, while not as direct as I am, Henry Van Soest did virtually the same

Also - it is true that "Welcome to Williams Lake" DID NOT write the story themselves however it did originate on their website hence why I worded it the way I did, no different when local media writes their stories - I write: Tribune reports or Rush reports... and that won't change here

But have a great weekend, though :)


Anonymous said...

So because other people call them names, it's Ok if you do it? You act like a stubborn child.