Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quesnel News...

* Peter Couldwell officially retires from Quesnel Council after 21 years of elected office - see here

Editor's Note - In all of my years (since 2006) observing Quesnel Council - Councillor Couldwell was the only steady and rationale voice on Quesnel Council.  I agree with Quesnel Councillor Ron Paull that Couldwell is a cornerstone in North Cariboo local government and his presence will be missed at both of Quesnel Council & North Cariboo Joint Planning tables

* Quesnel City Hall provides documents to Quesnel Councillor Sushil Thapar - see here

Editor's Note - Ok, now that the documents that Councillor Thapar has asked for, have, in fact, been provided, can we please return to governing for the people of Quesnel for the remainder of the term (Sep 13th - Nov 30th)

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