Tuesday, September 27, 2011

St Laurent Avenue Project on schedule

From the City of Quesnel:

The revitalization of St. Laurent Avenue between Kinchant and Reid Streets is in the final stages, with the street expected to re-open to traffic on Friday.

Over the past eight weeks, the area has undergone a massive transformation, with a new storm drainage system, new curb, gutter, paving stone and sidewalk installation, new landscaping and paving all being completed. All that is left is to install are the new street lights.

The project finished two to three weeks ahead of schedule. While the final numbers aren’t in, it is expected the project will complete on budget.

The City thanks the local business community as this much-needed investment in infrastructure was made. Residents and motorists are also thanked for their patience. The co-operation the City received helped make the project go smoothly.

The City also commends the work of the principle contractor, Jacob Brothers Construction. Their team, in concert with their various sub-contractors, showed a commitment to getting the job done on time and up to specifications.

Work on the $1 million project began on Aug. 4 and was funded through the Quesnel Works: Capital Reinvestment Program, a special levy Quesnel taxpayers pay to support infrastructure reinvestment.

The City encourages residents and businesses to learn more about Quesnel Works by visiting www.quesnel.ca and clicking on the Quesnel Works link.

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