Friday, September 23, 2011

Memo to Adrian Dix - BC JOBS Plan includes every part of BC

From the BC Government Caucus:

Adrian Dix apparently hasn’t taken the time to read Canada Starts Here: the B.C. Jobs Plan, otherwise he’d know the plan stimulates job growth in every part of the province.

“Hearing Adrian Dix and his NDP caucus parrot a ridiculous line about how the B.C. Jobs Plan doesn’t assist Vancouver Island or the Kootenays is simply laughable,” says Minister Pat Bell. “Last time I checked, the Kootenays were home to some of the biggest provincial revenue-generators in the form of coal mines in the Elk Valley. The Comox Valley is one of the most important agricultural regions in B.C. And forestry is a huge part of the economies of those regions.”

The NDP have a penchant for wanting to pick winners and losers – not just industries, but specific companies.

“Skeena Cellulose is the classic example of NDP ineptitude when it comes to economic management,” says Bell. “Throwing money around and raising the debt that our kids have to pay is not what British Columbians expect from their government, but it’s what the NDP delivered in the 1990s, and it’s what they’d deliver again if they get the chance.”

“Our plan is sensible, sustainable, and long-term, and that’s what taxpayers expect.

“We’re getting government out of the way, and helping the private sector do what they do best: create jobs in every single region of B.C.”

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Cariboofly said...

The BC Government can't take any credit for the economic situation in the East & West Kootenay. The credit belongs entirely to Teck Corp. If Bell wants to criticize any government let's have a FULL accounting of the BC Rail Deal, the sweetheart contracts given to IPPs and the crown(people's) owned resources by this corrupt Liberal government. As idiotic as the NDP were in government, they at least left the province in decent financial shape. Gordo and Chrusty have put us in a deep hole.