Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PG Mayors' Election Race...

In a very interesting turn in developments for the Prince George municipal election - first term PG Councillor Shari Green has now decided that she wants to be the Mayor of Prince George - see the article from the Prince George Citizen here and a story from the Prince George Free Press here

Personally speaking - I'm a little stunned at this move as Councillor Green seems to be in "lock-step" with current PG Mayor Dan Rogers' on most issues facing Prince George.  In addition - it isn't too often that a first term municipal Councillor outright challenges a sitting Mayor, more so when that Councillor agrees with most things that Mayor is doing.  If anything - I was expecting a Brian Skakun vs Dan Rogers race, but I've had confirmation that Brian Skakun, will in fact, seek an additional term on PG City Council

The outcome of a Green vs Rogers' race for the PG Mayors' Chair (so far) would result, in my opinion, in Dan Rogers' being re-elected


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