Friday, September 23, 2011

2011 Local Election Guides now available

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development has now published two guides, relating to local elections:

1) 2011 Candidate's Guide to Local Elections in BC - view here
2) 2011 Guide to support a Local Gov't Election Candidate in BC - view here

Whether a local election candidate (Mayor, Councillor, EA Director or School Trustee) or someone supporting a candidate, I urge you to read the above guides to ensure your election activities do not run afoul of provincial local election law

Like in previous elections - the City of Williams Lake has previously held a candidate information meeting to discuss the basics of local government, election rules, etc and I don't have any reason to believe they won't being doing so for this election.  The session is usually held in late October, once the official candidate list is published on October 21st, after the 7 day period for local election candidates to withdraw has expired


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