Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Culture Guard takes exception to gay/lesbian education in BC Public Schools

Editor's Note - I have received a press release from a group called "Culture Guard" this morning and I'll publish it, in its' entirety and let my blog readers' judge their message for themselves

NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert’s “spouse”, Romi Chandra, is the author of OUT IN SCHOOLS—a gateway program used to sexualise students and introduce them to homosexualist “culture”; OUT IN SCHOOLS is endorsed by the BC Teachers’ Federation and heavily funded by BC taxpayers.

Kari Simpson, former Executive Director of the Citizens Research Institute, and now President of Culture Guard—a new national organization that works on behalf of civil, common-sense Canadians—said today: 
“I believe parents will be shocked and righteously angry when they find out what their children have been subjected to.  I hope parents sue their local school boards! I doubt that the OUT IN SCHOOLS ‘Youth Resources’, which direct students to hard-core pornography, including ‘gay’ porn and homosexist propaganda, fits within Section 2 of the School Act, which mandates that ‘the highest morality shall be inculcated’.”

The OUT IN SCHOOLS “Teachers’ Guide” states that it is a secondary school resource; but Culture Guard has obtained pictures of OUT IN SCHOOLS facilitators Ross Johnstone and Jen “Jenderfuck” Sung presenting it in elementary schools.

“The scandalous problems associated with the program don’t stop with the OUT IN SCHOOLS-recommended ‘youth resources’ or the political and homosexist left-wing propaganda that fill its pages,” says Simpson. “There are serious and possibly criminal activities involved with this program.”

A news conference will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, September 13, 2011 in front of the BC Teachers’ Federation Offices, located at 100-550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver.

A video, OUT IN SCHOOLS is No Picnic, is available for viewing now at www.cultureguard.com; Part 2, Scammed, Swooned & Corrupted, will be available after the news conference. Viewers should be warned that portions of the video are explicit, and not suitable for younger viewers—including those of the target ages of the in-school program, OUT IN SCHOOLS.

Members of the media who attend will be given password-limited  access to details of the Police complaint to be filed earlier the same day. At the news conference, Kari Simpson will disclose shocking details that Culture Guard has exposed involving the OUT IN SCHOOLS program, and will name some of its major corporate sponsors.

For more information please contact Kari Simpson 604 514-1614 or by e-mail: cultureguard@gmail.com



Steve said...

This woman is a nutjob. I can't believe anyone would listen to the garbage she spews.

Anonymous said...

This woman is right on the mark. Out in Schools is shocking and what makes it scarier is that it was fhnded by you and me.

Parker said...

I had to go through their material twice before I got the bigger picture, but I see what they're saying. It's a slick way of using schools to lure susseptible kids into an all gay environment where their morals and inhibitions can be loosened and they can be recruited for - well, that's the question. This should at least be monitored.

Anonymous said...

She's trying to create controversy to promote her radio show.

Wally Moran said...

Neither Steve nor Anonymous #2 address the topic - they attempt to derail legitimate criticism by ignoring it, or name calling - a form of bullying, ironically.
What's the matter boys? Afraid to admit the truth, that Kari Simpson has caught the gay lobby with its pants down - pun intended.

Anonymous said...

As an educator, I've worked with Out in Schools multiple times and I have only found them to be professional and extremely age-appropriate in their workshops and the resources they offer.

You can see for yourself, their website is http://www.outinschools.com/

Out in Schools is an excellent resource working to end homophobia and transphobia in schools. "Culture Guard" is attacking the organization and calling on parents around BC to Lobby to have it de-funded. Knowing the statisics for queer youth around homelessness related to abuse at home and suicide related to being bullied, this is a serious thing to start a campaign about. Not only that, but a video posted by Culture Guard is full of flat-out lies. It has now been taken off of youtube because of hatespeech.

Kari Simpson is the bully here.