Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kerry Cook continues "High School Club" antics at WL City Hall - attendance at local Terry Fox Run

At the September 13th, 2011 WL Council meeting - Council authorized the attendance of Mayor Cook or the Acting Mayor to attend the opening of the Terry Fox Run on September 18th.  It should be noted that the current Acting Mayor (September) is Councillor SPS Rathor.  This is because of the resignation of former WL City Councillor Natalie Hebert - Councillor Rathor is next in the rotation list of Acting Mayors - see that list here

However, earlier today, Councillor Sue Zacharias (Acting Mayor) was at this morning's Terry Fox Run.  It should be noted that Councillor Zacharias is scheduled to be Acting Mayor for the month of December 2011 (subject to re-election on November 19th).  I should note that Councillor Rathor, after discussing this with him, states that he was indeed available to act in Mayor Cook's place and was willing to do so

As one resident - I'd like to know why Mayor Cook, when she is unable to attend community events, picks her "friends" on Council, rather than respecting the previous practice of WL Councils', which is when the Mayor is unable to attend an event, due to illness or other cause, the Acting Mayor for the month in question attends and if that monthly Acting Mayor can't attend, then you go down the list, by month, until a Councillor is able to "sub in" for the Mayor.

Kerry Cook, will become the first Mayor of Williams Lake to ignore previous practice of WL Councils/Council Procedure Bylaw, by superseding the monthly Acting Mayor rotation list - a list that she herself agreed with and as Mayor, she had a duty to ensure it was implemented as part of good government and acting on the will of Williams Lake City Council



Jim said...

Who cares??

Even if it was an issue that anyone cared about did you ask to see if SPR was available? Perhaps there was a valid reason it occurred the way it did??
You assuming the worst, and your on-going vendetta for Mayor Cook, is not news....back it up with some facts and them maybe it gets interesting.

Anonymous said...

Why when made up stories are the perfect place for the internet and this